Are we there yet? Ireland's commuting chaos

From April 24th, we're taking an in-depth look at commuting in Ireland

Next week on Newstalk we're asking 'are we there yet?' and taking a look at Ireland's commuting chaos.

From Monday to Friday, on air and online, we'll be focusing on the reality for Irish commuters - from the frustration of traffic congestion to the technology being used to speed up journeys.

We'll be be having in-depth discussions about the M50 - Ireland's busiest and most infamous motorway. We'll be talking to the people who ensure everything works according to plan on our roads. And we'll also be looking forward and asking what the future holds for commuting in Ireland.

We also want to hear about your best, worst, strangest and funniest commuting experiences. You can email them to or tweet #gridlockNT.

So tune in on air and visit as we take a deep look at commuting in Ireland and try to figure out where we can go from here.