Apple sells €35 pencil case that holds one pen


Apple unveiled a host of new products earlier this week. The new iPad Pro, iMac Pro, and Home Pod are beautiful devices that will cost you a pretty penny. 

As with previous launches, the company also launched a number of new accessories to go alongside the new products. One that caught my eye straight away is the Apple Pencil Case. The 'Midnight Blue' offering looks stunning but has a limited capacity of just one pen. 

This one-pen pencil case will set you back €35. 

This is designed for those using the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. The most basic iPad Pro model costs €749, while the Pencil retails at €109. The entire bundle, including the one-pen pencil case will cost just under €900. 

Apple's accessories are notoriously expensive, as are the main products themselves. The official iPhone 7 Sillicon Case will set you back €39.