Android owners: Here's how to find your phone

Simple steps could reunite you with your device should you lose it

Many of us keep our phones on us at all times. It can be baffling and frustrating when you misplace it. Once you've looked behind the couch and under your pillow, there is a technological way to try and track it down.  We told you what to do if you're an iPhone user, but here's what you can do if you're an Android owner. 

First things first: you need to ensure your phone is connected to your Google account. Chances are, it is because you need to have a Google account activated to download apps. 

Next up: Settings > Google > Security

Enable the "remotely locate this device" and "allow remote lock and erase" features on this screen. You need to have your location switched on for this to work.

Once these various settings have been enabled, you simply type "Where is my Android phone?" into Google and it will produce a map, with the location of the device. 

From here you can call the device, making it easier to locate, lock it or erase the content.