Amazon unveil a camera that will judge your outfit

The new Echo Look works alongside Alexa, their digital PA

Amazon is continuing to expand the capabilities of its connected personal assistant, Alexa. On Wednesday afternoon, the company unveiled 'Echo Look'. 

This device is a camera that connects to Alexa and can act as your personal stylist. 

The oval-shaped device features LED lights and a voice-controlled camera, which allows users to take full-body photos and videos. IT's then possible to collect looks and compare outfits. Echo Look can also do all of the tasks Amazon's Echo can do, such as reading the news and giving the weather. 


There is a compatible app, which keeps track of different outfits in what is called a "personal lookbook". There's another feature called "Style Check". This can judge your outfit in seconds. 

It works by selecting two photos, before leaving Alexa to decide which one is better. That decision is powered by machine learning and human opinion. 

A spokesperson for Amazon said the device considers "fit, color, styling, seasons and current trends." Amazon's "fashion specialists" also help train the software to be a better judge of style.

The Echo Look will cost $200 once available. 


While a number of homes in Ireland are using an Alexa device, the technology has not ben officially launched in this country. It is possible to purchase one online and set it up, but the software is not fully supported in Ireland as of yet. There was a year between the launch of Alexa in the US and its arrival to the UK, so we may have a while to wait yet. 

Amazon claims this delay is to ensure Alexa is configured to understand all different English-speaking languages.