Amazon has best ever holiday season this year

Over one billion items were bought online in the run up to Christmas

Amazon have announced that they have had their most successful holiday season yet, with over one billion items being bought through their Prime shipping service.

Amazon’s own devices, including the Echo Dot assistant, proved to be some of their biggest selling products, with the online retailer saying their found it hard to keep them in stock throughout the holiday season.

December 23, the day before Christmas Eve, was the most popular day for Prime’s next-day delivery feature, which goes to show an awful lot of people really leave their shopping to the last minutes.

The site says that 70% of its traffic came through a mobile device in the run up to Christmas.

Some of the other popular items bought on Amazon this Christmas were the Samsung Gear VR headset and the Pokemon Sun and Moon video games.

Amazon broke down the sheer amount of goods they sold online with some interesting stats, and said they sold enough:

  • pairs of men’s jeans to fill an Olympic swimming pool
  • watches to have one bought every 1.5 seconds
  • pairs of running shoes to run 18,603 times around the globe
  • luggage to fill 20 Boeing 747 airplanes
  • copies of the Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection to play consecutively for more than 300 years