Alan Sugar finds prospect of Trump presidency "frightening"

The war of words between the two tycoons rumbles on...

Alan Sugar finds prospect of Trump presidency "frightening"

Picture by: Owen Humphreys / PA Archive/Press Association Images

United in being two prominent celebrity faces of business success and taking great satisfaction in telling hapless moguls-in-the-making "you're fired" as part of The Apprentice TV franchise, Donald Trump and Alan Sugar haven't found much common ground elsewhere, with their public spat going back years.

Back with the 12th series of the BBC version of The Apprentice – the hugely-popular reality show format kicked off by Trump stateside in 2004 – Sugar has been talking to the press and being his usual opinionated self.

Naturally, his thoughts on the possibility of Trump winning the US presidency were sought at his latest Q&A.

The 69-year-old Londoner said:

"As many people have said, it's quite a frightening thought that he may be the most powerful man in the world shortly."

Comparing himself to his New York nemesis, Sugar opined:

"He's not as good as me – as far as The Apprentice is concerned. He's not in my class, quite frankly. I happened to see the debate with him and Hillary Clinton [on Monday night] – what comes to mind is that it's like a US version of Would I Lie to You?. All that was missing was Rob Brydon in the middle..."

A gag so good he also decided to tweet it...

The latter comment was aimed at Piers Morgan, another figure Sugar hasn't exactly seen eye-to-eye with over the years. An argument between the two over The Donald in April culminated in this tweet:

Trump himself responded harshly during an interview with Morgan on Good Morning Britain in May, dismissing Sugar's business acumen.

He joked:

"He works for me. He is a small timer. I mean, he's doing a nice job but don't forget, he works for me – I make money from The Apprentice.

"When we first chose him for the show, he was so low on the economic scale, he didn't really fit the role. I think he's made more money by being on The Apprentice than he has in business. I just wish him luck."

Bringing things up-to-date, Sugar responded to those accusations during this week's Q&A.

"Yeah, he also said he’s gonna build a wall.

"I’m wondering why he hasn’t also claimed that he’s going to stop all snow storms in New York.

"It doesn’t warrant any response to that nonsense. It’s complete and utter nonsense, and he’s got nothing to do with this programme, other than that he was once the host of the American show, and left under a cloud of uncertainty with NBC."