Alan Dukes - Grand Coalition is best option for government

The retired minister also said we should show compassion to those in mortgage distress

Alan Dukes - Grand Coalition is best option for government

Former Fine Gael leader Alan Dukes | Photocall file photo

Former Minister for Finance and Fine Gael leader Alan Dukes believes a Grand Coalition between the two major parties would be the best solution to the continuing political impasse.

He also said the new government also needs to be in place for longer than two years to put a viable programme in place. "Anything worthwhile is going to take longer than that," he added.

His comments come after an opinion poll shows most people would vote the same way again, if another election was called imminently.

Dukes says for stability, the grand coalition is the best option:

Speaking about the last comparative period of instability in 1981/2, he said the three elections within 18 months achieved very little.

"Having three elections in 18 months did not contribute one bit to the well being of the nation," he said, adding that the succession of elections held up the process of reform.

Dukes also dismissed the notion that Enda Kenny should resign, saying he has performed no worse than Micheál Martin, who has been praised for his recent performances.

The retired politician then discussed the news that over 200 families face imminent eviction in West Dublin, as a Goldman Sachs vulture fund aims to capitalise on a distressed property development it purchased.

He suggested mortgage owners struggling to meet repayments should be given an opportunity to remain in their home: