Adjournment of man's driving ban criticised by Irish Road Victims Association

The court heard the 60-year-old farmer might find himself a ‘nice woman’ before December

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File photo. Image: Philip Toscano / PA Archive/Press Association Images

Irish Road Victims Association has criticised the adjournment of a man's driving ban until December.

A court in Co Kerry has decided that a bachelor farmer from a remote part of the county - who pleaded guilty to drink driving - will not be put off the roads until December.

It will give him time to make the necessary arrangements for his livestock.

The court also heard the 60-year-old farmer might even find himself a ‘nice woman’ during that time.

The judge said it was not the purpose of the court of the court or the State to "nail" people in terms of undoing their livelihood, the Irish Times reported.

The Irish Road Victims Association has hit out at the adjournment.

The association's chairperson is Donna Price, and she spoke to Newstalk Lunchtime about the case.

"Far too many people have already been killed and serious injured on our roads, and these deaths and serious injuries are totally preventable," she argued. "We rely on the courts to take these dangerous drivers off the roads.

"This man was apprehended in 2014 [...] It's now 2016, almost two years later, and he has been allowed to continue to drive and put other road users in danger.

"In this case we do not feel the matter was treated seriously at all," she added.