Add live video to your 140 characters as Twitter brings Periscope streaming to its app

You can stream live right from the official Twitter app

Periscope live-streaming is now built right into the official Twitter app, letting you stream and watch periscopes in the one app rather than needing both Twitter and Periscope.

Now, when you go to compose a tweet, beside the options to add a photo or video, you can stream live video from wherever you are. Before you were able to view and share Periscope live streams, but could not start them within the Twitter app.

Integrating Periscope right into the Twitter app means that the struggling social network will be better equipped to take on their biggest competitor’s video streaming offering, Facebook Live.

Live streaming straight from Twitter will keep up the company’s plans on making Twitter your one destination to see what’s happening in the world now. As more and more videos are used as the number one way to share information around the world, embedding live video right into the app makes sense.

Adding the ability to start a Periscope stream in Twitter now leaves the standalone Periscope app a little redundant, but Twitter says it still plans on keeping the app around.