According to science, Superman should be black. But not according to Twitter...

When fictional characters and realistic science meet...

In a recent article by Forbes, science was used to prove that Superman should by all accounts be black.

According to the outlet's science writer J.V. Chamary: light-capturing pigments act as antennas tuned for picking-up photons with a particular energy, and how we see their colors is determined by which photons they absorb.

Blue photons have more energy than red photons, but few manage to reach our planet’s surface.

When photons hit a pigment molecule, its electrons gain enough energy to leave their associated atoms.

Electrons are then passed along chain reactions to produce molecules that can later release the energy stored in their chemical bonds, which is used to synthesize carbs.

On Superman’s home planet of Krypton, the best pigment color for absorbing solar radiation would be black.

However, while Superman has been played by a British actor (as has Spiderman and Batman), and there was a certain amount of negative reaction to Johnny Storm being played by black actor Michael B Jordan in the recent Fantastic Four movie, the idea of a Black Superman got Twitter all worked up.