AGSI members of the gardaí go on 24-hour work-to-rule

Talks with the Department of Justice will resume this afternoon

AGSI members of the gardaí go on 24-hour work-to-rule

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Gardaí are stepping up their pay row with another day of industrial action.

For only the second time ever, middle ranking officers with the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI) will be on a work-to-rule.

The day of industrial action is taking place over a 24-hour period from 7.00am on Friday October 28th until 7.00am on Saturday October 29th.

Talks between sergeants and inspectors and the Department of Justice stalled earlier this week - but will resume this afternoon.

On Tuesday, the AGSI reported "no progress" had been made in the talks.

AGSI members will refuse to use the garda IT system PULSE, as well as refusing to undertake administrative duties such as detailing members for duty, processing files or responding to correspondence from management in relation to returns or other matters.

They have outlined three key objectives as part of their industrial relations campaign.

They are seeking pay restoration of 16.5%, access to direct pay negotiations for future pay deals, and recognition and implementation of the EU Social Committee’s decision of 2014.

President of the AGSI is Antoinette Cunningham.

"There are escalation days already flagged by AGSI for the four Friday's in November.

"The action will continue today with the non-use of PULSE and the withdrawal from administrative-type duties - and those actions will continue to escalate over the coming weeks if no meaningful progress is made.

"We've laid our cards very firmly on the table in relation to the industrial relations mechanisms that we believe AGSI members should have - and we still need to progress those matters.

"We're frustrated with the slow progress of talks but we are engaging and we will return to that table to continue those discussions later this afternoon".