A statement from Bobby

On the show last week, I interviewed chef Oliver Dunne during which I raised the matter of the infamous ‘beheaded’ picture of Lucinda O’Sullivan posted on Twitter by Oliver Dunne in 2013 - which went global. Oliver Dunne stated that during a visit by Mrs. O’Sullivan to his Cleaver East restaurant an issue arose when processing her credit card payment. This issue, which was a technical one, led to a problem in taking Mrs O’Sullivan’s payment. I want to clarify that Newstalk has been made aware and seen proof that the Bank never declined Lucinda O’Sullivan’s credit card and her payment went through that evening as normalThat should have been made clear at the time of the interview.

We also acknowledge that there is no evidence, beyond Mr. Dunne’s statements, that Mrs. O’Sullivan did at any point that evening “go mad, go absolutely crazy, or kick off in the restaurant”. She has rejected this comment and stands over her conduct as being impeccable at all times. These points should also have been made clear at the time and we apologise for any inconvenience or distress caused to Lucinda O’Sullivan.”