A new charity campaign will donate food in exchange for deleted Insta-food pics

'Delete To Feed' will give eleven free meals for every food picture that is deleted

image via sites.psu.edu

image via sites.psu.edu

It can be very easy to forget sometimes when you're preparing a meal, or ordered something tasty in a restaurant, that nobody everybody is in the same position.

So when you take snaps of the food when it's finally prepared and arrives at your table, get the right angle, right filter and right cropping, posting it on Instagram for all to see, an American food production company wants you to think before you push "Publish".

Land O' Lakes, a large butter and cheese producer in the U.S., has launched their new campaign "Delete To Feed", in which they will send eleven meals to Feeding America, a network of food banks is leading the fight against hunger in communities across the U.S.

Taking part in the campaign is very easy: simply head to the Delete To Feed website, which will ask you to connect your Instagram account to their site, and from there you delete the food pics as you wish.

Each food pic deletion will then be tallied up and hopefully will reach the goal of 2.75 million meal donations set by the company.