IRA sex abuse allegations: What if this was a bishop?

Ivan and Chris discussed the Paudie McGahon case this morning

IRA sex abuse allegations: What if this was a bishop?

Gerry Adams. Image: Photocall Ireland

The president of the Sinn Fein party, Gerry Adams, says he knows the alleged name of a man accused of raping Paudie McGahon.

Mr McGahon's case was featured on BBC documentary, Spotlight. He says he was raped by an IRA member in the early 1990s.

Mr McGahon says he brought the allegations to a Sinn Féin representative in 2002 - but was then interrogated by a so-called 'kangaroo court', similar to the case of Mairia Cahill.

Mr Adams told the Pat Kenny Show here on Newstalk that all the information he has has been given to the gardaí.

Ivan and Chris discussed the case this morning, criticizing Gerry Adams decision to not go to the Garda with the information about the alleged rapist in 2009 when he became aware of the case.

Mr Adams has stated his decision to not go to the Gardaí was due to the fact that the victim was an adult at the time he learned about the allegations.

Chris said: "In the year 2009, a man who was raped goes to a priest and he says to the priest, I was raped and the priest and the man between them realise that the rapist is living back in a community not far away.

"The priest goes to his bishop and tells his bishop in 2009, the rapist is back in the country living amongst a community and six years later in 2015, we all find out that bishop did nothing. That bishop did not go to the Gardaí.

"The bishop has said that the bishop believes the rape victim so innocent until proven guilty.

"Now, replace bishop with Gerry Adams, replace priest with Arthur Morgan because that's exactly what happened in the instance of Paudie McGahon."