A €1bn investment is set to change the face of Cork City

A redevelopment project hopes to deliver 9,500 homes and 29,000 jobs...

Cork is being targeted as one of Europe's flagship docklands projects. A new €1bn development plan for the City Docks and Tivoli Docks will be discussed by planners this week.

The city's Mayor, Cllr Tony Fitzgerald, has invited members of the public to offer their views on the proposed project.

A series of meetings will be held tomorrow by Cork City Council. These plans relate to a 220-hectare brownfield site spread across the city's north and south docks which are set to become a new urban hub.

The city council expects the project to deliver 9,500 housing units and 29,000 jobs.

After this public consultation process, the council will begin to draft new local area plans and the master plan for the development.

The area is the same size as the current city centre. The Tivoli Docks comprises of 61.5 hectares, including a 3km which fronts onto the Lee.

A new Cork Rapid Transit System and other infrastructure projects will be discussed at tomorrow's meeting.

"These two docks areas, 160 hectares in the City Docks and 61.5 hectares at the Tivoli Docks, present the city’s greatest opportunity for creating new neighbourhoods for our existing citizens and for those who choose to move here to work in the future," Mr Fitzgerald told The Irish Times.