1980s soap opera 'Dynasty' set for small-screen reboot

The show turned British actress Joan Collins into a household name

1980s soap opera 'Dynasty' set for small-screen reboot

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It’s time to air out your old shoulder pads and get ready for a cat fight as Dynasty becomes the latest TV series set for a reboot. The primetime soap opera that turned Joan Collins into a household name is set to return to screens on The CW, albeit with some slight alterations to the plot.

The show was produced by legendary TV mogul Aaron Spelling, with Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage set to move the show in an entirely new direction; in the new Dynasty, the character Krystle, played with venomous gusto by Linda Evans, will be updated to Cristal, a Latina woman who marries her way into the wealthy Carrington family. Going head to head with Cristal will be Fallon Carrington, daughter of Blake, who takes issue with the woman marrying her way into the WASP nest of the Carringtons and the Colbys.

Also involved in the production are Revenge writer-producer Sallie Patrick and the husband-and-wife team that created the campy 80s series, Richard and Esther Shapiro.

Launched in 1981, Dynasty ran for nine seasons and 217 episodes, winning seven Golden Globes and one Emmy award. The show got off to a poor start in its first season, only becoming a massive ratings winner and pop culture milestone when Joan Collins was cast in the second season as the scheming ex-wife of Blake. The show, put into development by ABC as an answer to CBS’s Dallas, quickly caught on with viewers, becoming the most popular TV show in the US during the 1984-9185 season.

This is the second 1980s title the CW is looking to adapt for television for next season, with Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas set to adapt the teen vampire movie The Lost Boys as well.

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