15 killed at Syrian wake

A barrel bomb "double tap" is believed to have caused the carnage

At least 15 people have died in Aleppo, Syria, after a twin barrel bombing blasted a wake for victims of a similar attack days earlier.

Regime aircraft dropped two explosive-packed barrels minutes apart on a rebel-held enclave in the east of the city, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Dozens more were injured in Saturday's strikes, said the group, near a tent where mourners were paying respects to 11 children and four others killed in a barrel bomb attack on Thursday.

Sky News Foreign Affairs Editor Sam Kiley, who is in Gaziantep, just across the border in Turkey, said this kind of assault is known as the "double tap" in Aleppo.

Luring rescue workers to scenes of carnage caused by barrel bombs and then dropping a second on them, he says, has become a standard trick of the Assad regime and its Russian allies.