Varadkar favoured to lead Fine Gael in an election

A new poll shows that Varadkar would be favoured by voters to lead the party

Varadkar favoured to lead Fine Gael in an election

Leo Varadkar. Image:

Fine Gael would fare best in an election with Leo Varadkar in charge, according to a new poll. 

The poll in the Irish Daily Mail suggests that voters have lost patience waiting for Enda Kenny to quit and are more likely to vote for the party if someone else takes over the reins. 

If an election was held today Fine Gael could apparently count on 44 seats with Enda at the helm, losing out to Fianna Fail who'd become the most popular party.

However, they could regain their lead under either Simon Coveney who'd get them 57 seats, or the Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar who would ensure them 60 seats.

The stats were gathered by researchers from survey company Ireland Thinks who spoke to 12-hundred adults in February.

Enda Kenny previously said that he would address his position after his trip to Washington on St. Patrick's Day.

However, last month during a speech in New York he suggested that he wouldn't be stepping down due to the uncertainty over the power-sharing executive in the North.

Speaking in New York he said "You can't have a situation where you have no leadership in Northern Ireland and where we have to define from a European Union point of view where Ireland will be, what the agreed terms of reference for the negotiations are."