You'll soon be visiting real world businesses in Pokemon Go

Sponsored locations will become a big payday for the game's developer

You'll soon be visiting real world businesses in Pokemon Go

Photo: PA Images

Its overnight success is both extraordinary and unprecedented. Pokemon Go has been grabbing headlines as well as money from your pocket.

Since the game was released last week, it has been making developers Niantic and gaming giant Nintendo over $1 million a day. That money is coming from in-app purchases alone, but now the developers are getting ready for another way of cashing in.

Sponsored locations will see businesses attract players by way of having special Pokemon available there or by turning the area into a gym or PokeStop in the game, a spot where players can get special items like pokeballs.

Businesses will pay Niantic for every person that arrives there by way of Pokemon Go.

The developer already has experience with this kind of promotion as they used a similar sponsored system in their last game, Ingress.

A sign is shown at the National Weather Service in Anchorage, Alaska, informing Pokemon players that it's illegal to trespass on federal property. | Photo: PA Images

Some businesses in the US have already taken it upon themselves to attract Pokemon Go players. Coffee shops and restaurants have already been using "lures" in the game, which attract Pokemon for 30 minutes. They invite players to drop by and catch Pokemon in exchange for buying something there.

It's a very smart move by Niantic and Nintendo that'll benefit both those who sponsor and the developers.

Pokemon Go is seeing huge numbers of incredibly active players who will go where the Pokemon are. If they're available inside these businesses, chances are they'll pay a visit and maybe buy a thing or two.

McDonald's looks like it'll be the first big business featured in the game, with code in the app already found relating to McDonald's. Expect Niantic to turn on that feature sooner than later.