Cookalong with Gary O'Hanlon

Lots of us need cooking inspiration during this time and possibly all the time, so we have asked ...

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14.57 17 Jun 2020

Cookalong with Gary O'Hanlon

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14.57 17 Jun 2020

Lots of us need cooking inspiration during this time and possibly all the time, so we have asked Chef Gary O’Hanlon back on to the show to share simple and popular recipes and we want you to get involved and try it out each week.

This week's recipe is Bangers ‘N’ Mash 

Mustard Seed, Onion & Balsamic Gravy   

Serves 3  


Drizzle of cooking oil  

6 large pork sausages 

2 white onions, sliced thick 

40g yellow mustard seeds 

70ml balsamic vinegar 

10-12 splashes wusta sauce  

450ml hot water with 2tbspn bisto chicken granules (ideally beef stock or veal stock to the same quantity but very few have veal stock lying around the home.. I know I don’t)  

White pepper to taste    

For the Mash  

800g roosters, peeled, washed and cut into equal sized chunks 

sea salt and white pepper to taste  

90g butter (you may need more)  

cold water to cover    


For the Potato 

Cover the potatoes with cold water and add 5 or 6 pinches salt  

Boil gently until cooked through & drain  

Place back on the heat to Teem, aka to dry the potatoes 

Season well with salt & white pepper and whip in the butter 

If they aren’t creamy enough add in more butter knob by knob 

Set aside covered with foil to keep warm   

For the Bangers 

Heat a frying pan and add a drizzle of oil 

Add in the sausages and fry, turning every minute, until golden all over 

Now add in the onions and sauté for 1 minute 

Now add in the mustard seeds and a few pinches of pepper 

Once the mustard seeds start to pop and cackle add in the balsamic and wusta sauce 

Reduce by half then add in your gravy. 

Bring to the boil and then simmer for 9-10 minutes or until the sausages are cooked through.  

A small breakfast sausage should only take 6 or 7 minutes   

To serve 

Add a big dollop of mash to a bowl and top with 2 large sausages and don’t forget a big spoonful of the onion mustard seed gravy. 

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