Partying too hard at Electric Picnic? Here's how to unwind at the festival

We all need a little down time in between massive party sessions

Let's be honest, there is a very high chance that every single person going to Electric Picnic will be struck down with at least one hangover over the course of the weekend.

The Picnic is great for those wanting to blow off steam and have a three-day party, but sometimes the party can get a little exhausting, and you'll want some down-time in order to recharge the batteries before heading back into the fray.

So here's a list of ways you can get a little breather in between some of the best gigs you'll ever attend:


Yep, if you're looking to spoil yourself in the middle of the festival, then you can head to the Body & Soul area where you will find open-air hot-tubs, seaweed and salt baths, holistic massages, reiki classes and yoga workshops, as well as a lot more. The full list of treatments and amenities can be found here.

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Feeling a bit dodgy? A bit of grub is exactly what you need. This year there is both the Theatre Of Food, and the Theatre Of Food Fringe, serving up a selection of demos, interactive workshops, debates and more delicious food and drinks than you'll be able to handle.

On top of a collection of some of the best chefs working in the world today, there'll also be the likes of Roz Purcell discussing her book Natural Born Feeder, as well as Newstalk regular Oisin Davis and his presentation on 'Hangover Causes and Cures From Around The World'.


Is there anything more refreshing (and more hangover destroying) than a quick dip? For the first time, those attending the festival will be able to swim the Picnic lake, with adults allowed to swim as late as 7pm each night of the festival. Lifeguards will be on duty, and to find the lake, just follow the sign-posted riverside path leading from the Jimi Hendrix Campsite area.

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Sometimes the most relaxing thing is to just extract yourself from the Picnic for a little bit and get a little breather, and Stradbally's Main Street is just a short walk from the festival site. There's a lovely line-up of small local pubs where you can chill out for an hour or two before getting your second (or third? or fourth?) wind.

The Newstalk Lounge will be located in the Mindfield Arena at this year's festival, and there'll be plenty happening with a full schedule of events across the weekend.