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  The Newspaper Headlines THE IRISH TIMES Cabinet to back St James’s as children&r...

08.59 6 Nov 2012

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Today's Newspaper Revi...

Today's Newspaper Review


08.59 6 Nov 2012

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The Newspaper Headlines



  • Cabinet to back St James’s as children’s hospital site
  • Turnout crucial to US election result
  • Byrne dismisses Gathering as a scam


  • Revealed: the €30,000 lunch cash fund for our TDs
  • Aoife was murdered as suspect is arrested by gardai
  • HSE ‘told Erin was at risk of suicide’
  • Swing states unlikely to yield a surprise


  • Concern over fund body for children’s hospital
  • Lowry’s ‘worthless’ land worth up to €6.7m
  • €1.6, Killarney site comes with house – and a lake









Inside the Papers

Page 5 of the Irish Times details the tragic story of the two young boys that were washed away by the floods caused by Hurricane Sandy. Comparing the scene to a horror movie, the paper describes how their mother was stranded in the powerful storm after she was forced to abandon her car with her two children as floodwater threatened to drown them According to reports, Glenda Moore, a nurse, who is married to Donegal-born Damien Moore, an employee at the New York City Sanitation Department lost her grip of two-year-old Brandon and four-year-old Connor to powerful winds and rising waves. The youngsters’ bodies were recovered by the New York Police Department Scuba Unit from a marsh on Thursday. The youngsters’ bodies were recovered by the New York Police Department Scuba Unit from a marsh on Thursday. Last night Fr Philip Daly, from Ms Moore’s husband Damien’s home parish of Portnoo, said he could not come to terms with the reaction of people to Ms Moore’s desperate pleas for help. He is quoted as saying “When she went to the first house she was told to clear off and leave them alone and they closed the door in her face despite her pleas for help. She then went to the next house and got no reaction there. She was all on her own. She was hysterical and I’m sure she got her message across but they weren’t interested. Whether it was fear or not, I don’t know, but it was a rather strange reaction to someone in need of support.”

Fine Gael Senator Fidelma Healy Eames has called for Rehab boss Angela Kerins to be brought before the Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee in relation to her €234,000 salary. The senator said that the issue needs to be addressed as the charity boss ears ‘more than the Taoiseach’. Page 6 of the Indo tells us that the demand comes after it was revealed yesterday that Ms Kerins was paid almost €220,000 in feels to sit of State boards since she became Rehab boss.

Ryanair will consider charging passengers for carry-on baggage as part of its relentless focus on increasing revenue and profits. Page 5 of the Indo reports that deputy chief executive Michael Cawley said that baggage charges are among those that are always under consideration. Asked yesterday if Ryanair might also consider charging for carry-on baggage, he said: "If you don"t charge for something, that service isn"t appreciated," he said. "When it was free, 80pc of people checked in a bag." On average, just 35% of Ryanair passengers now check in a bag. "We"d consider anything, but we"re not doing it at the moment." Carry-on luggage is one of the last free services to be offered by the airline.

If you know someone who needs a bit of a push at being a better boyfriend or husband, then you may want to get them the ‘Man App’ to give them a helping hand. Developed by two Irish men based in Mayo, the app is designed to act as a reminder to prompt about important dates in your relationship, even giving a countdown to how many days before the significant milestone. Page 9 of the Daily Mail tells us that the Man App also records romantic gestures and tells you when you need to step it up in the thoughtfulness stakes. Examples of this are when to make breakfast in bed or a mystery meal. Men can show their ‘spontaneous side’ by setting reminders of when to ‘Administer a Random Act of Kindness’ such as fixing something that has been broken. If things go awry, there is even a troubleshoot section called The Doghouse which offers solutions to where you may have gone awry. And the price for installing the app? Just 89cent.

Page 19 of the Star tells us that the portrayal of criminals on the RTE drama series Love/Hate is the most realistic that Gardai have ever seen and that they look forward to watching it every week. Members of the force have told the paper that ‘a lot of the lads see cases they have been involved in as the inspiration for episodes in the show’ and that the people behind it ‘have done their research’. Love/Hate begins its third season this Sunday.

A funeral home has introduced technology to allow people who cannot make it in person to a funeral to attend through a video link through Skype. Page 5 of the Irish Times tells us that The Haven on Crumlin Road, Dublin, which will host civil and religious services, opened yesterday. It has been fitted with audiovisual and internet technology. Massey Bros managing director Freddie Maguire said “It’s not always possible for people to travel at short notice to attend a funeral and there aren"t many people in Ireland who don’t have loved ones or friends overseas.”

We"ve all rolled our eyes at certain phrases our dads would say to us. “Do you think I’m made of money”, “Money doesn’t grown on trees”, “He’s as thick as two planks” and “I’m not sleeping, I’m just resting my eyes” are amongst those and now, a survey of over 2,000 adults has revealed what they are calling the top 20 ‘Dad-isms”. The poll was taken by Twentieth Century Fox Home to celebrate the release of the Best of Family guy on TV. “Do you think I am made of money” topped the list, but other popular phrases have included “They don’t make them like they used to “ “Don’t tell your mother” and “We were grateful to get an orange at Christmas”. A spokesperson for the poll said that 55% of people said that there are certain phrases that they will always associate with their dad, while 63% found his quirky musings amusing. 43% said that the dad-isms had rubbed off on them over the years as they found themselves repeating them as they got older and had children.

Barack Obama’s distant Irish cousin is pictured on page 10 of the Indo this morning in full support of his relative. The paper tells us that election fever has gripped Obama’s ancestral home of Moneygall in Co. Offaly and that there will be ‘a bit of a hooley’ on election night.

Footballer John Terry may have been inspired by the new Bond movie Skyfall as page 5 of the Star pictures him in the Spymaster store in London. The shop sells bugging devices, body cameras, night vision goggles, and voice changers. It also is famous for selling watches that are used in top secret operations by Navy Seals.


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