'There's €480m out there' - How to claim back your tax relief

Revenue estimates that some €480m has yet to claimed back by PAYE taxpayers
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

14.14 24 Jan 2024

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'There's €480m out there' - Ho...

'There's €480m out there' - How to claim back your tax relief

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

14.14 24 Jan 2024

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Thousands of PAYE taxpayers are missing out on their full entitlements for tax credits and reliefs.

Last October, Revenue estimated that €180 million was unclaimed for 2022 alone.

Taxpayers have four years from the end of a tax year to claim tax refunds - the deadline to claim tax refunds for 2019 was December 31st 2023, for example.


Examples of common credits and reliefs PAYE workers can claim include:

  • Medical expenses such as GP visits and prescriptions, orthodontic and laser eye treatment
  • Pension contributions
  • Rent credit
  • Flat rate expense deductions for those in occupations such as medics and tradespeople
  • Home carer credit
  • Third-level tuition fees
  • Remote working from home relief

KPMG tax partner Olive O'Donoghue told The Pat Kenny Show a new awareness campaign has just been launched.

"Finance Minister McGrath did commit to launching an extensive public campaign to increase the awareness of all the various PAYE and other various tax reliefs that are available," she said.

"That campaign officially launched yesterday.

"So far already in 2024, about 472,000 PAYE taxpayers have already filed a tax return and have received about €203 million in refunds.

"What's even more interesting was their estimate of the balance left on the table of €480 million.

"There's €480 million sitting out there belonging to the PAYE taxpayer".

Remote working relief

Ms O'Donoghue said some of the most common tax credits would be for health expenses, the rent credit and the remote working relief.

"This is where you are entitled to claim a credit in respect of 30% of your light, electricity and broadband related to days that you are working from home," she said.

"If you're looking to claim relief in real-time - essentially getting your current year tax credit certificate updated - generally speaking you will be required to give certain records to Revenue such as bills.

"However if you are seeking to back-claim your relief for the prior tax years, it really is a self assessment.

"You log in to Revenue's MyAccount and you file a tax return.

"You still must keep all the back-up, it's really important for taxpayers to retain records for six years.

"But for the most part Revenue don't ask questions, they trust that you have the information available."


Ms O'Donoghue said people can get tax back on additional pension contributions they make.

"There are certain limits that apply to each of us in terms of what we can contribute into a pension each year," she said.

"If, by the end of the year, you still have a bit of capacity left in those limits there is an ability to make an additional voluntary contribution and you get the tax back.

"You can that before the end of October of the following year, and essnetially claim the relief in respect of the prior year.

"It's quite a good catch up".

Medical and dental

Ms O'Donoghue said people can claim 20% of any medical expenses not covered by an insurer.

She explained that dental expenses are a little tricky.

"As a general rule, routine dental treatment is not allowable - check-ups, fillings, cleans," she said.

"Certainly things like orthodontic treatment for you or your children is all tax relievable.

"To get 20% back of those costs can make a big difference".


Ms O'Donoghue said people can also get tax relief on third-level tuition fees.

"Whether you're paying for undergrad, post-grad or certain language courses for yourself or children it is worth looking at your bill," she said.

"There is a tuition relief available [but] it doesn't cover registration fees or exam fees.

"A lot of the public universities, where the majority of the fees maybe covered, the relief maybe limited.

"But it's worth taking a look".

Ms O'Donoghue said the relief on tuition fees is capped at €7,000 and the first €3,000 is excluded.

The easiest way to submit the return is online by signing up to 'MyAccount' on Revenue's website.

Returns can be made by Revenue directly to a bank account.

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