'My children can't be vaccinated, and no one will help' - Mother appeals for information

Mary says out of her family of five, three of them are vaccinated
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

17.32 8 Nov 2021

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'My children can't be vaccinat...

'My children can't be vaccinated, and no one will help' - Mother appeals for information

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

17.32 8 Nov 2021

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A mother, whose two children cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions, says no one is addressing the subject.

Mary says out of her family of five, three of them are vaccinated while two of her children cannot be.

She told Lunchtime Live her 20-year-old daughter has missed seven years of education due to her medical condition.


"We're having enormous difficultly with life in general for the two who are not vaccinated.

"Our second child who is not vaccinated has just gone back to education after a seven year absence, due to chronic ill health.

"And is having an awful experience in the sense that there's nowhere to have lunch, the class is beginning to bond after a couple of weeks back at school.

"They're beginning to go to the local coffee shop... she literally has nowhere to go for lunch because the institution that she's gone to relies on the local coffee shops and eateries to provide catering facilities for the students.

"So I'm literally going to have to drive to her place of education two days a week, so that she can sit in the car and eat her lunch on rainy days.

"And there doesn't seem to be anything or anyone that is addressing the subject of people who can't be vaccinated and what can be done for them, in terms of allowing them to participate in life."

'That's her risk to carry'

Mary says there needs to be a way around such issues.

"Is it a question of daily antigen testing, and producing the cert to go in?

"It also begs the question: if large sections of society are vaccinated and protected, and only a very small minority are not - and yet the vaccinated people can pass on the Delta variant - how does it make people who are not vaccinated more dangerous?

"Anything that would allow them to say 'I am negative, may I please join with my peers and participate in this'".

Andrea pointed out that the largest proportion of people in hospital with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, and Mary replied: "That's her risk to carry per se.

"If you are vaccinated, then she shouldn't actually be a risk to you and it is a choice that she is going to have to make for herself: 'Is this something I wish to attend, do I wish to take this risk?'

"But by going to school on a daily basis, she's already taking that risk".

Mary believes her children will seriously miss out going forward.

"My eldest, who is working, was due to take a week's holidays in November and said 'Why, what for? I can't go anywhere, I can't see anybody, I'll just work'.

"It was fine during the summer when they could meet up with local friends outside the pub and sit around.

"But now we reach winter - I'm more concerned for the second child, who has been seven years out of life and who now needs to make friends, make a social group and just generally progress through life.

"She's like a lot of people who have chronic illness: they evolve a method of dealing with it, because if you don't you go under.

"As it so happens, it's as much as she can do to get there every day and she's at home in bed straight away after the day.

"But she's getting there and she's getting better.

"What I'm concerned about is the class is beginning to bond, it's beginning to evolve, they're beginning to say 'Where will we go for lunch?'

"And she's sitting there going 'Mom will you come down and keep me company for lunch'".

And Mary insists this is nothing to do with the vaccine.

"I'm vaccinated, my husband is vaccinated, our youngest child is vaccinated; this is not an anti-vaxer campaign.

"This is a serious medical issue".

She adds: "After seven years of missing school, this is not what I want for her.

"I want the phone call that says 'Listen - I met a gang, I'm not coming home for a few hours'.

"I want a bit of cheek and a bit of guff and a bit of 'None of your business, I was out'.

"That's really what I'm begging for at this stage for her".

Main image: A doctor vaccinates a man against coronavirus at a clinic in January 2021. Picture by: Svetlana Gustova / Alamy Stock Photo

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