'It was quite a sight' - Dublin City Council on major Paddy's Day clean-up

Crews have been working through the night in a number of areas across the capital city
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

10.13 18 Mar 2023

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'It was quite a sight' - Dubli...

'It was quite a sight' - Dublin City Council on major Paddy's Day clean-up

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

10.13 18 Mar 2023

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A major clean up is underway across Dublin following the St Patrick's Day celebrations yesterday.

Shay Brady, waste management services coordinator at Dublin City Council, said they had crews working through the night in several areas.

An event management team has been planning for this since January.


This includes input from An Garda Síochána, Dublin Fire Brigade and transport operators Dublin Bus and Transdev.

The cleaning fleet includes a number of large road sweepers, seven small compact sweepers, seven side-loader vehicles, handvac machines and handcarts staffed by 222 workers across the weekend.

"A busy weekend, a challenging weekend for waste management alright," Mr Brady told The Anton Savage Show.

"It's not St Patrick's Day anymore, it's an event now, it's a full weekend.

"Waste management have the biggest role to play in making sure that people leave our city with a very good impression.

"We have a very robust cleaning schedule in our city centre as it is; but we intensify our street washing coming up to this event".

'Night crew'

Mr Brady said this includes a 24-hour service the night before.

"We'd a crew on from 10pm till 6am on the next morning," he said.

"The night before St Patrick's Day we would have a night crew on, and we have over 600 litter bins in the city centre - plus 100 barrels that we place into locations as well.

"On the day itself, yesterday we were in from 6 o'clock in the morning until 9 o'clock at night.

"It was a full day for all our staff, our brilliant staff working on the ground.

"Then we had a night shift on last night working from 10 o'clock until 6 o'clock this morning.

"We were in again, then from 5 o'clock this morning cleaning".

'Quite a sight'

Mr Brady said some areas of the city can't be cleaned until later.

"What we find is when the parade is finished on the north side... everyone kind of comes to the south side of the city to socialise.

"Temple Bar, Camden Street, Dame Street, South William Street.

"So when the people go into these places, there's a certain point when you have to say, 'No, we can't service them anymore.'

"It's too crowded... so Temple Bar [from] 8 o'clock last night there was nobody allowed in from waste management's point of view.

"Even through the night we serviced all the thoroughfares outside of there - but Camden Street, Temple Bar we didn't go in there until this morning.

"So it was quite a sight this morning... we'd a full crew in there from 5 o'clock this morning," he added.

Listen back to the full interview below:

Main image: Street cleaners with Dublin City Council clean the boardwalk along The Quays in Dublin after St Patrick's Day delectations. Picture by: Sam Boal/

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