Ask Me Anything: Big Brother contestant Ray Shah

Shah rose to fame in 2003 when he became runner-up in the UK version of 'Big Brother'
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

22.10 19 Jan 2024

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Ask Me Anything: Big Brother c...

Ask Me Anything: Big Brother contestant Ray Shah

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

22.10 19 Jan 2024

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Big Brother contestant Ray Shah has said he believes his temper 'went against him' in the final vote of the show.

He was speaking to the 'Ask Me Anything' series on Lunchtime Live, which sees people come into studio and answer your questions every Friday.


In 2003, Shah rose to fame when he became a housemate in the UK version of Big Brother.

After surviving 64 days in the infamous house, he achieved the runner-up position.

Since then, he has carved out a successful media career and is the owner of a sports nutrition company.

Ray Shah with Lunchtime Live host Andrea Gilligan Ray Shah with Lunchtime Live host Andrea Gilligan. Image: Newstalk

Ray said he was a big fan of the show and wanted to take part.

"It was a chance to have eight to nine weeks off work, no TV, no radio - it was definitely a novel experience," he said.

"You knew that there was going to be a certain type of notoriety and fame that comes from that, but initially it was because I was a such a big fan of the show."

'Who else do you see?'

One listener asked if the contestants got to see anyone else while they were in the house.

Ray recalled one particular event when they did.

"The only time that we saw people is we had a bomb scare, In think it was week five or six," he said.

"It was actually the one week I was up for eviction.

"We were looking at the time [and thinking], 'It's going over what we normally have for eviction night'.

"Then we were put into the bedroom and the fire exists opened up, and two of the producers came in.

"We freaked out, that was the first time we'd seen people in a couple of weeks.

"That was the only time we had interaction with them".

Ray said the contestants were moved to another section of the studios for a time.

'What would you do differently?'

Another listener asked if he would do it again and what he'd do differently.

"I don't think I would do it again," Ray said.

"I suppose I went into it very naïve thinking, 'I want to go in there, enjoy the experience, be myself' - but it's a game.

"It is a popularity contest as well, you want to get on with your housemates and obviously entertain the public as well.

"But I think I had a bit of a temper and I think I let that out a bit too much at times.

"Towards the last week I had a big argument with Steph and I think that was one of the things that went against me when it came to the final week.

"You do forget the cameras, but it becomes part of your life so you just get on with it".

'People's reactions'

Another listener asked how people reacted to him when he came out of the house.

"I suppose afterwards everyone knew your name," Ray said.

"It was the biggest reality TV show at the time, especially just on the back of Jade Goody's one as well.

"I didn't really enjoy going out for a couple of weeks afterwards.

"Anytime I was going to the pub with my friends, you were kind of looking around at people looking at you.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time people were nice, but I remember the first time going out into a club I was shaking like a leaf.

"I was thinking, 'Do people like me? Is someone going to hit me? Are people going to be aggressive the way I was at times?'

"There was no social media back then as well, so I think you'd have to have thick skin to do it now," he added.

Ray said he believes what reality TV contestants are put through is unfair.

Main image: Ray Shah with Lunchtime Live host Andrea Gilligan. Image: Newstalk

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