Ivan is back!

Yates will bring his unique style back to the airwaves this spring

Newstalk 106-108fm has announced that Ivan Yates will return to the airwaves this spring with a new, agenda setting, two hour show.

Ivan will bring his unique style to a new weekly programme from 11am to 1pm each Sunday. He will be discussing an eclectic mix of politics, business, current affairs and sport with a wide range of top class guests. The new programme will kick off from Sunday, April 2nd.

Speaking about his much anticipated return to Newstalk, Ivan said: "I spent seven fantastic years at Newstalk and had always envisaged the possibility of returning. With all that’s been happening in politics across the world lately, between Trump and Brexit, I can’t wait to get back on air to share my views!"

Also commenting on Ivan’s upcoming show, CEO of Newstalk 106-108fm, Tim Collins, said: "We’re delighted to be welcoming Ivan back. Ivan is a much-loved member of the Newstalk family so a return was always on the cards. We’ve been in discussion for some time to find the most suitable slot and programme format so we’re really looking forward to hearing him bring his unmissable insights and opinion to  Sunday mornings with this exciting new show."

Ivan and Chris

"It's the ususal eclectic mix of politics - which I'm a great expert on - business, and it's going to have lots of sport as well as plenty of self-deprecating humour", he told Chris Donoghue on Newstalk Drive.

"I'm looking forward to it, it'll start on the 2nd of April, they're putting together a huge production team and I'm sure it'll be an outstanding success."

And what about his plan to take a full year off?

"I was on a full sabbatical, now I'm on a semi.

"So where I'm now at is that I was in Murrayfield last weekend, thanks for organising the tickets - not - and Cheltenham is on my horizon, I'm going to go to Brussels, I'm going to go to Barcelona, but I will be back on the 2nd of April.

"I'm doing lots of other gigs and events; so actually I'm in a state of contentment because at 57 years of age, having been all my life driven in terms of living to work, I'm now planning for the rest of my life of on working to live".

Chris asked Ivan: "The team here from Newstalk Breakfast are wondering if they could have the cash and the wine and all the goodbye presents from last July back?".

"No, and I didn't declare them for capital taxes either," Ivan said.

"To be honest with you I will continue to live in Wexford for some time still, and I've no plans to go fulltime in the media - but I really am looking forward to renewing my association with the association.

"And I'm still available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, confirmations or whatever you people might like to ring in with".