[Documentary] Who Killed Bill?

“Who Killed Bill?”, written & directed by award-winning filmmaker, Marc-Ivan O’Gorman & produced by Tinpot Productions, tells the compelling story of the life and death of Irish-born Hollywood director William Desmond Taylor.

A top director of his time, his murder in February 1922 became the biggest scandal of the day and ultimately changed Tinseltown forever. Taylor’s story contains all the elements a racy Hollywood plot; glamour, sex, drugs, betrayal, corruption, intrigue and of course… murder.

“Who Killed Bill?” is a unique mix of drama and documentary. The drama follows the form of a 1920’s news bulletin influenced by the seminal production of H.G. Well’s ‘War of the Worlds’ by Orson Welles’ Mercury Theatre on the Air in 1938.

The simulated news bulletin style presents the sense of scandal and contradictory viewpoints surrounding this sensational story, while the documentary elements include interviews with Lifetime Achievement Oscar recipient, Kevin Brownlow and Irish film history experts like Dr. Ruth Barton of Trinity College Dublin.

For more on William Desmond Taylor and the events celebrating his 140th anniversary please go to: http://william-desmond-taylor.org or http://www.facebook.com/Taylorfest

Who Killed Bill? aired on Newstalk on Back Holiday Monday, 6th August, from 12pm to 1pm.

Listen to the full documentary here: