British model kidnapped in Italy and put up for auction online

The 20-year-old British model travelled to a bogus photoshoot in Milan

British model kidnapped in Italy and put up for auction online

Image: Polizia di Stato

Police in Italy have arrested a man who kidnapped a British model and allegedly tried to auction her off on the deep web.

The 20-year-old model had travelled to Italy for what turned out to be a bogus photo shoot in Milan.

Police said that when she arrived ahead of the shoot on July 11th she was attacked by two men and injected with the tranquilising drug Ketamine.

Her attackers then bundled her into a bag in the trunk of a car.

When she awoke the next day, she found herself handcuffed to a wooden chest in an isolated hut near Turin.

Black Death group

Her kidnapper reportedly demanded €300,000 off her agent in the UK to prevent her “sale” online.

He claimed he was working on behalf of the ‘Black Death’ group – a deep web trafficking organization.

He said the woman was to be sold to the highest bidder on deep web pornographic sites and threatened to kill her if police were notified.

The woman was eventually released after six days in captivity when he kidnapper realised she had a child.

As she was released on July 17th, her captor told her: “Our rules exclude mothers.”

Police have arrested a 30-year-old Polish man - believed to be resident in the UK - in connection with the kidnapping.

The man has confessed to the crime and his phone and computer - including photos of the model being offered on the "deep web" - have been confiscated.

He has been charged with kidnapping for the purposes of extortion.

Investigators believe the man had already organised a number of online auctions for trafficked women – however it is unclear whether the victims were real or not.

Italian investigators are now working with their counterparts in Britain and Poland to identify any accomplices involved in the abduction.

The woman at the centre of the ordeal has not been named.