"Would you like a little smoked salmon with that old chap?" - The Newspaper Review

Ivan and Chris talk work reviews for civil servants, the tiger kidnapping and what couples fight about

Australia has been following some 4,000 couples over ten years to see what they fight about.

This interesting study has thrown up findings about housework, money and the difference between an extrovert and an introvert.

But Newstalk Breakfast's reporter found different causes on the streets of Dublin, where listeners said social media and religion are behind their fights.

On the front pages: 

The Irish Times: "Rulings delay cases to repossess homes" - that story about the question of whether the circuit court has jurisdiction to hear cases on repossession.

Other stories in that paper: "EU considers return of passport checks for two years" and "Privileged civil servants afraid to say where they work".

In The Irish Independent: "Tiger raid suspect just out of jail and trained up in eastern Europe".

The Irish Examiner writes that the clerk of the Dáil has written to Banking Inquiry members to say that deadlines must be taken absolutely seriously, or else they will be bogged down in legal action.

Also in that paper: "3,500 wait for bowel cancer tests - public patients wait over three months for cancer detection tests".

The Irish Daily Mail: "Waiting list surge means more cases of deadly cancer."

And the rest of the tabloids all go with the tiger kidnapping.

Inside the papers:

The Irish Independent has: "Senior civil servants face review of work for the first time".

Those reviews will be carried out by the head of the civil service Martin Frazer, Robert Watt, and an outside expert.

Presenter Ivan Yates imagined it might happen in The Hibernian Club over smoked salmon and polite conversation, in the style of TV's Yes Minister programme.

Chris Donoghue was taken with a picture in The Irish Daily Mail of fire fighters in Limerick administering oxygen to a puppy who was caught up in a house fire.

The Daily Mail says it knows how to be a cool parent.

The top priority for teenagers is having their privacy respected and being listened to.

Cooking good roast potatoes and being a good host for your teen's friends are also important factors.

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