World’s oldest lighthouse gets tech savvy with new online tour booking

Wexford's Hook Lighthouse is 800 years old

Wexford's most popular tourist attraction and the oldest operational lighthouse in the world, Hook Lighthouse, has received a tech-based makeover. From today guests can book tours of the attraction online

Last year was the busiest year in terms of tourists visiting the lighthouse, which is located at the tip of the Hook Peninsula in Wexford. The management team sought to reduce the queuing time for visitors by launching an online booking system and website

"In 2016 we saw year on year growth of 10% with visitor numbers of 250,000 and in the month of August alone we welcomed 38,617 visitors. Some of those  who visited particularly during the peak summer period waited for over two hours to avail of a tour of the 800-year-old lighthouse, so we wanted to alleviate that inconvenience for our visitors and allow them to book a specific tour date and time online in advance of their visit to us”, said Ann Waters, manager of the lighthouse.  

Each tour has a maximum capacity of 30 people. The new booking system will reduce the waiting time of those looking for a guided tour.  

In 2016 Hook Lighthouse launched an all-new Ireland's Ancient East tour. Visitors can climb the 115 well-worn steps of the medieval tower while they step back in time and meet life-size figure of St Dubhan, telling the tale of monks who kept a beacon alight in the fifth century, and William Marshal - the first Earl of Pembroke, who built the tower and married the daughter of Strongbow, hear stories of lighthouse life before automation and access the previously private Lightkeepers watch room.

 Those looking to book a guided tour can do so here