Win the Wonders with 'The Right Hook' and MasterCard: Machu Picchu

If the high altitude itself doesn’t leave you breathless, you can be certain that the mystery and majesty of Machu Picchu will

Could there be a more priceless memory than stumbling through the mountain forest and finding in front of you a lost city? That’s exactly what Machu Picchu is, an Incan citadel nestled remotely in the Amazonian jungles of Peru. If the high altitude itself doesn’t leave you breathless, you can be certain that the mystery and majesty of Machu Picchu will. And now with MasterCard and Newstalk offering you the chance to visit it, an unforgettable journey awaits.

The Right Hook and MasterCard have joined forces on an incredible on-air competition. Every day, contestants will be asked to come up with seven things from a chosen category, all the while racing against the clock. Each day two listeners will qualify for the finale, with the 20 finalists battling it out in a Where in the World-style quiz. When the dust settles, one winner will have earned the chance to create some priceless memories, visiting some of the world’s greatest wonders.

Wonders like Machu Picchu, the stunning ceremonial sanctuary that stands as a testament to the sophistication of the Incas. The site includes palaces, plazas, temples, bath houses, homes, and ritual sites, and was either a sanctuary visited by the culture’s elite rulers or a military bastion.

Accidentally uncovered in 1911 by a university professor, who had, in fact, been on the hunt for something else, Machu Picchu had been effectively hidden by indigenous Peruvians who hoped to shield its Intihuatana stones from the Spanish conquistadors. According to legend, if you placed your forehead against the stone, it has the power to open your consciousness to spirit wisdom – which is why Spanish settlers set out to break every one they could find in an effort to crush Incan morale. Whenever a stone was crushed, the Inca believed the spirits that had inhabited it fled, taking away an entire complex’s spiritualism and power. Which is why Machu Picchu is so important today – and its holiness will leave you awe struck.

While it’s a literal trek getting there, it’s worth it. Why not make a base in nearby Cusco, where thanks to the convenience of MasterCard, you can see the nexus of cosmopolitan Peru and its ancient cultures. The capital city of the Inca Empire, Cusco is now a thriving hotspot for tourists, the true archaeological capital of Americas, North and South.

Use your MasterCard to take a five day adventure hike to see Cusco just like the Inca did. Experienced guides will create a bespoke tour to your needs and experience, with the perfect blend of adventure activities and cultural excursions. Making your way through the stunning landscapes of the Cusco and Sacred Valleys, the striking views of the Andes and days of walking will leave you ready for the best night’s sleep of your life in the luxury mountain lodges along the way.

However you do make your way to Machu Picchu, with MasterCard and Newstalk, priceless memories are a guarantee

Where to Stay:

  • Palacio Manco Capac
  • Inkaterra la Casona
  • Palacio del Inka
  • Jw Marriott El Convento Cusco
  • Casona les Pleiades

Where to Play:

  • The Inca Trail – This four-day trek leaves Cusco and makes its way to Machu Picchu, offering an unforgettable experience winding through the Urubamba Valley
  • Museo del Pisco – After making it back from your hike, pay a visit to this museum dedicated to extolling – and sampling – the virtues of Pisco, a Peruvian brandy
  • La Catedral – A century in the making, this Catholic place of worship is a symbol of Spanish power in Cusco, made from stones stolen from a nearby Inca site and built on the grounds of the Viracocha Inca’s palace
  • Marcelo Batata Cooking Class – If Peruvian cuisine hits the spot, learn some of the tips you’ll need to bring it back to Ireland in this four-hour course
  • Ukuku’s – The most famous and popular night club in all of Cusco, the place fills the dance floor with locals and visitors alike, rocking out to a wild selection of global music

Where to Eat:

  • Fallen Angel – A feast for all the senses, with its atmospheric music and stunning setting, get a 20% discount off your lunch (drinks not included) when you pay with MasterCard
  • El Paititi – For nearly 60 years, this landmark restaurant has blended Inca and Colonial style. Get a complimentary Pisco Sour when you pay with MasterCard
  • Plaza Grill Restaurante – Renowned as much for its helpful staff as its Peruvian dishes and barbecue, by paying with MasterCard, you can choose from a Pisco Sour, glass of wine or access to the salad bar
  • Che Carlitos – A popular spot with the local Cusqueños for both lunch and dinner, ask for the (often unadvertised) menú del día for the best deal in town
  • Jardín Secreto – This traditional picantería offers delicious local cuisine, plenty of beer, and live music, with Andean folk music played on Sundays

Thanks to MasterCard and Newstalk