Why the Clinton name may disappear from US airport

The airport was re-named four years ago

Why the Clinton name may disappear from US airport

Hillary Clinton is joined by her husband former President Bill Clinton after addressing the Democratic National Convention in 2016 | Image: Carolyn Kaster AP/Press Association Images

A US Senator has drafted a bill to remove the 'Clinton' name from Arkansas's largest airport.

If passed, the law by Senator Jason Rapert would mean buildings or structures paid for by public funds would not be named for any living persons, or those who served in public office, at the time the building was completed.

While the bill makes no mention of the former US president or former presidential candidate, their names would be taken off the Little Rock airport as a result.

The airport was re-named as Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, from Adams Field, four years ago.

It is relatively small, hosting just six airlines with daily departures and services to 14 national destinations.

If passed, the airport would have to be renamed again by January 1st 2018.

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport | Image: fly-lit.com

Reuters quotes Senator Rapert: "You have a president who was impeached for having an affair with an intern in the Oval Office and then disbarred."

He said he introduced the legislation after "several Arkansans across the state" expressed discomfort to him with naming its largest airport after the Clinton's.

He acknowledged the legislation might not win approval, but added that "we can prevent this sort of thing in the future".

Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 by the US House of Representatives, which accused him of obstructing justice by lying under oath about a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

He was acquitted the following year.