Why it's important to disconnect from social media

Speaking on Newstalk, CEO of UnPlug Chris Flack said we're plugged in almost 24/7

Why it's important to disconnect from social media

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From the moment we turn on our phones we are inundated with information. Being online can not only affect our mood but it can also affect our health. 

Speaking on Bobby's Late Breakfast, CEO of UnPlug Chris Flack said what is important about social media is getting the balance right. 

He said: "Deloitte do a mobile study survey every year and in Q4 of last year they brought out research specific to Ireland, showing that we are pretty much plugged in 24/7.

"Up to 40% of us check our phones within five minutes of waking up," adding that "in the evenings about three quarters of us check our phones with friends and family. In the middle of the night 50% check our phones."

The UnPlug CEO said that while we don't plan to use our phones that much, it has become habitual for most people.

"Technology is really persuasive and it has really drawn us in to having this sort of lifestyle," he said.

According to him being online also has a bigger impact on younger generations because they're so used to using technology. 

He said: "They weren't aware of how things worked in the analogue world," adding that "A lot of the younger generations just think it's normal to be online 24/7."

Need to unplug

He outlined how too much social media can have an impact on our health "Studies are now showing that it's quite hard for us to get rest."

"Social media is pretty much as demanding on our brain as work is," adding that "we all now that feeling when you spend too much time on technology you feel a bit heavy."

Sunday June 25th is National Unplugging Day in the UK and today people are being urged to go gadget free and spend the day from sun-up to sun-down without any technology.