Why are these cartoon fans campaigning for the return of McDonalds szechaun sauce?

The season three premiere of Rick And Morty brought with it over 25,000 signature strong petition

Adult Swim cartoon series Rick And Morty returned on April Fool's Day, much to the delight of legions of impatient fans across the globe.

Producers Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have been teasing fans about the new season for the best part of the year, with The Rickshank Redemption's follow-up episodes slated for release later this summer.

However, the premiere episode has proven to have had an impact beyond satiating diehard viewers.

To tie in with the release of the 1998 Disney movie Mulan, McDonalds offered szechaun sauce to accompany its famous McNuggets. Numerous references in The Rickshank Redemption to the limited edition sauce have resulted in an online petition calling for its comeback.

How they made the case

In the episode, like something out of The Matrix or Inception, a scene is set inside a simulation of Rick’s brain, where he was able to acquire a portion of the now-defunct sauce and prove to the Galactic Federation agent that the sauce was as delicious as he said it was.

Later in the same scene, an origin story was shown, suggesting how Rick might have turned from a kindly scientist to a galaxy-roving nihilist after the tragic death of his wife and daughter. Despite all the tragedy, the agent was far more focused on the incomparable deliciousness of the sauce.

The episode soon turns to more pressing matters – Rick’s escape from prison – but the subject of the sauce makes a return at the end of the episode, when Rick makes an epic rant to Morty about it once more.

“I’ll go out and find some more of that Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki dipping sauce, Morty, because that’s what this is all about Morty – that’s my one-armed man!" he said. "I’m not driven by avenging my dead family, Morty, that was fake, I’m driven by finding that McNugget sauce. I want that Mulan McNugget sauce, Morty, that’s my series arc, Morty, if it takes nine seasons, I want my McNugget dipping sauce Szechuan sauce, Morty."

McDonald's response

A tweet from the show's official Twitter account asking the fast food chain if they "wanted in" on the campaign has dampened hopes that the sauce's second-coming could become a reality.


At the time of writing, over 25,000 people have signed an online petition urging McDonalds to bring back the szechuan sauce.

Nonetheless, Rick did say he was willing to wait nine season ...