What's the best smartphone you can buy for less than €100?

You may think your options are limited but that's not the case at all

Last week we told you the best smartphone you can buy for €200 was the Microsoft Lumia 650, but if you want a device on a strict budget, fear not; we have you covered. 

Gone are the days where "budget" meant poor quality in the smartphone world. The lower end of the smartphone market is really where the innovation is at the moment. Manufacturers are working to cram features and decent spec into a good looking device without it costing an arm and a leg. This is not an easy feat but it's being done. 

The best phone you can buy for less than €100 is the Huawei Y6. Currently available for just €79.99 on CarphoneWarehouse.ie, the Y6 offers great spec, battery life and looks good too. 

The device has a 5-inch screen and runs the Android operating system. There's 8GB of storage built in with the option of inserting an SD card to increase that by 64GB. There's an 8MP camera on board and a  2200mAh battery. There's only 1GB of RAM, however, which means there is a slight lag between apps, but that's easily forgiven. 

Having played around with this device I can say that it's impressive. It sits nicely in the hand and outperforms others in this price-bracket.