What's on your home screen? 7 apps for your smartphone

Your phone is only as good as the apps you have on it!

We're using our smartphones more than ever before, but the phone is only as good as the content you have on it. If you're looking for some app inspiration, here's the staples of my home screen. 
Amazon Kindle - iOS / Android 
I have this app on all of my devices. The app syncs across any device associated with my account, which means I can start reading on my tablet then pick up my phone and read from the exact point I stopped on my tab. It’s great - and very easy to use and store books on.
Instagram - iOS / Android

Unless you've bene living under a rock, you've heard of Instagram but may not have signed up for an account yet. This is my favourite of all social media platforms and it's possible to keep your account private or make it public. It's a nice way to document your day and share your different experiences with friends and followers.

WhatsApp - iOS / Android 

WhatsApp is my messaging app of preference. I use it over Facebook Messenger, Viber and all of the others on offer. I like the interface, the ability to send attachments and voice memos with ease and the increasing number of features being added. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and many people have concerns over the ties between the two, but I've never had any issues to date!
Netflix - iOS / Android

I'm a Netflix addict and get more than my money's worth from my subscription. Users can now save certain shows and movies to their devices, meaning it's possible to watch it on the go! This is incredibly handy for those who have a long daily commute or who travel a lot!

Expense Manager - Android

This is the newest app on my phone. It’s a very easy way to monitor your budget and keep an eye on expenditures. It has a camera function which allows you to take a photo of receipts too, which I find very handy for managing expenses..
Real Time Ireland / Transport For Ireland - iOS / Android 
Transport for Ireland’s app provides the user real time data for Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann, Luas and Irish Rail. This makes travelling to any destination in Ireland extremely easy. The app allows users to set reminders for when their bus or train is approaching their stop, ensuring they are not left stranded!
Price Spy - iOS / Android

PriceSpy is a product comparison service for Irish consumers who shop both in store and online. The service is available online or via app - free on both Android and iOS. It compares prices across a wide range of services, but it can save techie customers a huge amount when buying devices.

The free app allows users to scan barcodes whilst in store and instantly provides the best price on offer for that particular product.