Welsh couple to wed in virtual reality

Some questions have been raised about the legality of such a marriage

Virtual reality is no longer a far-fetched concept, difficult for us to grasp. It's something many people have engaged with in some way and the technologists are working on new ways for it to become part of our daily lives. One Cardiff based couple are set to join in holy matrimony in the virtual world. 

Martin Shervington and Elisa Evans are set to web in front of 50 of their family and friends this May. While they will be geographically based in a bar in Cardiff, they will mentally in an imaginary world, devised by a computer. Both the couple and the guests will be wearing VR headsets to ensure all those in attendance witness the exchanging of vows in a futuristic night club, next to a lava lake. 

Evans and Shervington rehearse for their VR wedding GARETH EVERETT/HUW EVANS AGENCY

“We wanted to do something unconventional,” said Shervington. “This is part of our journey together. We’re having a laugh. But this is a big thing for me — I’ve never been married.”

The wedding will be conducted by AltSpaceVr, a company based in California. The designed and created the 3D virtual venue for the couple. 


Arun Arora, the communications director for Church of England has cast some doubt on whether a virtual wedding would be recognised by the law. The UK law states a wedding venue must be deemed "seemly and dignified". It's not quick clear if the lava nightclub meets those standards. 

“For it to be a legal marriage it needs to take place physically in a place, because to be married you need a marriage certificate as proof. And it requires you to say where it has taken place. Otherwise, it’s just two people wearing virtual reality headsets in a bar.”