We pay more than almost anyone in the EU for broadband

Second only to the Belgians

Analysis conducted by the European Commission has shown that the cost of broadband in the Republic of Ireland is the second highest in the EU. It also showed that the cheapest country for broadband in Poland. 
The average cost of broadband to the Irish consumer is €69.20 a month. The most expensive country in the EU for broadband was Belgium, where the average cost is €69.90 per month. The Poles pay €20.80 per month. These figures are based on data from October 2015 and include the cost of broadband, fix phone lines and tv bundles.
Many people across Ireland are eagerly awaiting the rollout of the National Broadband Plan as they are currently paying high rates for less than 5mb. Minister for Communications, Denis Naughten recently said that it will be June 2017 before the contract is awarded to a company.