"We are with you 1000%" - Trump reassures Guam governor after North Korea threats

Officials in Guam have issued documents advising residents how to respond in the event of a nuclear strike

"We are with you 1000%" - Trump reassures Guam governor after North Korea threats

A view of Tumon Bay is seen Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017, in Tumon, Guam. Picture by: Tassanee Vejpongsa/AP/Press Association Images

Donald Trump has reassured the governor of of Guam that the US territory is safe, as the Pacific island finds itself at the centre of tensions between North Korea and the US.

Guam is home to around 160,000 people, and houses two US military bases.

North Korea has claimed it will have a plan for a missile strike targeting Guam prepared by mid-August - a threat that has led to President Trump insisting that Kim Jong-Un will 'truly reget' any move against Guam or any other US territory.

A video shared by Guam's Office of Civil Defence captured a phone call between Guam's Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and the US president.

President Trump said: "You are safe. We are with you 1000%."

Mr Calvo, meanwhile, responded: "I have never felt more safe or so confident with you at the helm."

Trump suggested that the international attention on Guam in recent days will see the island's tourism increase "ten-fold".

The phone call came shortly after authorities in Guam issued documents advising residents on to respond in the event of an 'imminent missile threat'.

The document advises: "Take shelter as soon as you can, even if you are many miles from ground zero where the attack occurred - radioactive fallout can be carried by the wind for miles.

"If you were outside during or after the blast, get clean as soon as possible, to remove radioactive material that may have settled on your body".