Warning issued over US embassy protest

The Anti-Austerity Alliance called described the embassy's statement as "scaremongering"

The US embassy has issued a security message concerning planned protests outside the embassy tomorrow.

In the statement, the embassy says the exact number of participants is unknown, but say it may exceed 1,000 people.

"Even protests intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence", the statement reads. "Avoid areas where demonstrations are taking place and exercise caution when in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations."

The statement concludes by warning US citizens to "be vigilant".


The Anti-Austerity Alliance has heavily criticised the email sent from the American Embassy calling it "implicitly anti-American". 
Mick Barry TD said: "This type of email is an attempt to warn-off American citizens from attending the protest. 
"The suggestion that there is a threat of violence breaking out is a disgraceful attempt to make those who will engage ion protest look like thugs and implies that the driving factor is an anti-American sentiment. 
"Rather than being anti-American as the email suggests, the protest is standing in solidarity with the millions of people who have taken to the streets, college campuses and airports to protest against Trump's policies. 
"The real thuggery present in the situation comes from the new U.S Administration which in the space of less than two weeks has implemented a racist anti-Muslim ban, is rowing back on environmental legislation and is preparing to send in the army corps to force through a pipeline at Standing Rock which was the scene of huge protests last year.
"US citizens in Ireland who are sickened by these measures should join the protest at 6pm at the Embassy."