Want a better response rate on Tinder? Try poetry

A writer trialled sending poems to matches and recorded their responses

A writer has outlined how sending poems to women he matched with on dating app Tinder secured a "~100% response rate".

Joe Bagel wrote on Medium on how began using the app after he quit his job to go travelling.

"Tinder made it possible to befriend and beguile and be befouled by all sorts of interesting people," he said.

However, the app becomes pretty redundant if the conversations are one-sided. So, Bagel began experimenting with his messages to ensure every match got him a response.

Calling on his expertise as a copywriter, he decided on a "more spontaneous, personal" approach - by sending poems using every letter in the person's name, more commonly known as an acrostic.

"Name poems are pretty simple to create: take the letters of the person’s name, and string together a (semi-)coherent thought out of it, and press send. That’s it," he writes.

As time went on, he found more elaborate acrostics warranted more responses. 

However, while the response rate was high, some matches struggled when it came to finding the words to follow it. Multiple poems were also not a hit.





For names with particularly tricky letters, Bagel recommends using search engines, online thesauruses and Rhymezone - a website which finds rhymes, synonyms and definitions for any word you enter.