Walnut Whip drops its nuts

The chocolate whirl-shaped cone was launched back in 1910

Walnut Whip drops its nuts

The new versions of the Whip | Image: Nestlé

Chocolate-maker Nestlé has announced one of its oldest brands is getting a makeover.

Its Walnut Whip is being launched in several different versions - without its famous walnut.

The whirl-shaped cone is being launched in vanilla, caramel and mint.

But nut-lovers do not despair - they will be available in versions both with and without the walnut.

Nestlé say they are keeping the Walnut Whip and producing the Whips as a brand new product.

The new versions of the Whip | Image: Nestlé

The vanilla and caramel variety are available from this week, with the dark chocolate mint addition to follow in September.

Alison Clinton is a brand manager at Nestlé UK and Ireland.

"We are very excited to bring these new additions to Walnut Whip.

"These new products will offer consumers more choice enabling them to share their favourite products with their family and friends."

Walnut Whip was launched in 1910 and is one of Nestlé’s oldest brands.