Uzbekistan blocks film release over lack of Morgan Freeman

A studio has been accused of 'artificially increasing demand' with a poster and trailer featuring the actor...

Uzbekistan blocks film release over lack of Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman. Picture by Richard Shotwell AP/Press Association Images

The release of a new film in Uzbekistan has been halted because Morgan Freeman does not appear in it - despite the actor featuring prominently on the movie's poster.

The trailer for the local production Daydi (Rogue) also briefly features a glimpse of the iconic Shawshank Redemption star.

However, according to the country's film licencing body, Freeman does not actually feature in the copy of the final film that they were given.

Instead, it appears the images of the American actor were instead taken from the 2015 film Last Knights.

The monitoring body has accused production studio Timur Film of breaching consumer rights by 'artificially increasing demand'.

According to BBC, Daydi stars Mirolim Qilichev as an Uzbek police officer "tasked with saving the country from an assortment of evil assailants".

BBC also notes any future release of the film will depend on the decision of two other government bodies.

Although cinema-goers in Uzbekistan enjoy a steady stream of local productions, few films from the country have gained international attention.