WATCH: Unusual advert launches new 8th amendment campaign

The video looks at issues affecting pregnant women

WATCH: Unusual advert launches new 8th amendment campaign

Image: YouTube/Amnesty International Ireland

A new campaign on the 8th amendment has been launched with an unusual video.

The piece, called '25 annoying things about being pregnant', begins looking at some of the issues affecting pregnant women.

"Being so big that I couldn't get myself out of the bath tub without help", one woman said.

"Not being able to paint your toenails", another said.

"Morning sickness, or the smell of of food - or trying to cook food, the smell of chicken", another woman says as she shudders.

But then the same, and several other women, change their tone.

"When you're forced to carry a baby that can't survive outside the womb", a woman says on screen.

"When you're not ready to be a mother", another says.

"When you're not given all the information because you don't have a choice anyway".

"When you're told it's better for the baby, but actually it's better for the hospital"

"When freedom to travel is no freedom at all", another says.

The Amnesty International Ireland campaign claims: "All pregnant women and girls are risk under the 8th amendment".

"Whoever you are, wherever you live, all the decisions you make about your body should be yours.

"Sexual and reproductive rights are human rights", the group says.

"It is long past time for change. It’s time for the government to schedule a referendum and finally give the people of Ireland an opportunity to repeal the 8th amendment in its entirety".

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has confirmed an abortion referendum will take place sometime next year.

Last month, the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled for a second time that Ireland's abortion laws currently violate women's human rights.