Unsure about Trump's tweets? Let this Chrome add-on help you

The Washington Post's extension will provide context for Donald Trump's tweets

The Washington Post was one of the most critical media outlets during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and now after his win, they’re not letting up. In fact, they’re making it easier for you to spot when he’s lying in his tweets.

The newspaper has launched a new extension for Google Chrome that, once installed, will fact check his tweets as you look at them. The tweet box you usually see on the screen when looking on Twitter’s own website will be extended to include an explantation from the Washington Post on if President-elect Trump is lying or not.

The extension is focusing on adding context to what Trump tweets, explaining if what he says is true, or just providing some background on what he says in 140 characters.

The Washington Post, who were banned from Trump’s press pool during the campaign, do insist that the extension is a work in progress, and it will take some time before all of Trump’s tweets can be double checked and explained.

You can download and install the extension for free here.