US police release full body camera video of Keith Lamont Scott shooting

Fatal police shooting of black man sparked days of demonstrations in Charlotte

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Screenshot from footage released by Charlotte Police Department

Police have released the full footage of the fatal shooting of a black man in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The graphic, 16-minute body camera footage includes the moments immediately before and after Keith Lamont Scott was shot dead last month.

It shows officers giving Mr Scott medical aid as he lay unresponsive on the ground in a parking lot and moaned in agony. The video also features officers talking repeatedly about a gun.

Charlotte Police Department had previously released shorter clips taken from dashboard and body cameras. But campaigners had called for the full footage to be made public.

The new footage has been shown to the family, who have only commented through their lawyers so far.

The family's lawyer, Justin Bamberg, told a news conference that questions remain over whether Mr Scott was carrying the gun when he was shot. 

"My belief is if it was in that section near his body, you would have seen it," he said.

In the video, officers are heard talking to Mr Scott and each other as they attempt to keep him alive.

One officer is heard saying to a colleague: "Stay right here with the gun," but a gun is not shown in any of the footage.

Another says "stay with us" and asks him his name.

'Holding a copy of the Koran'

Police have said they confronted Mr Scott after they first spotted marijuana and then a weapon in his car on 20 September.

They said he then refused requests to put down a gun.

The suspect's mother has maintained he was holding a copy of the Koran at the time he was shot.

Several days of demonstrations followed the shooting, with protesters chanting "release the tape" and "we want the tape".

Police later released photos of a gun that they said was found at the scene, adding that it contained Mr Scott's DNA and fingerprints.

They said the gun was loaded and Mr Scott was wearing an ankle holster.

It also emerged yesterday that Mr Scott had previously suffered a brain injury, which friends said had changed his personality and some experts said could have affected his ability to cope with stressful situations.

Footage of the moment Mr Scott was shot was put out by his wife Rakeyia, whose video captures the sound of gunshots but does not show her husband at the time.