UKIP plan to ban burkas in election manifesto

The UKIP leader has denied it's an attack on Muslims

UKIP plan to ban burkas in election manifesto

Stoke Central by-election candidate and party leader Paul Nuttall.Picture by Joe Giddens PA Wire/PA Images

The leader of the far right group UKIP, has denied that his party's policy calling for a ban on the wearing of full-face veils in public is an attack on Muslims.

UKIP Paul Nuttall is expected to launch what he calls an "integration agenda" tomorrow as part of the parties general election manifesto. 

He described it as a positive move saying "This is all about integration - this is a positive message, not a negative one." 

He continued by saying that "Fifty-eight percent of Muslim women are economically inactive.

"There is a massive amount of jobs which you're precluded from doing if you refuse to show your face and I want to see those women get back into work."

UKIP's election manifesto is expected to include banning wearing the burka and niqab in public, which he argues is a "barrier to social harmony, as well as a security risk."

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show this morning , the UKIP leader said "We have a heightened security risk at the moment and for CCTV to be effective you need to see people's faces.

"Secondly, there's the issue of integration,  I don't believe you can integrate fully and enjoy the fruits of British society if you can't see people's faces."