UK lorry driver jailed for killing family while on phone

Tomasz Kroker crashed into the family's car while scrolling through music on his mobile phone

A UK lorry driver will serve ten years in jail for killing a mum and three children.

Tracy Houghton, her sons Josh and Ethan, and her stepdaughter Aimee Goldsmith died in the eight-car crash on the A34 in Berkshire in August.

Tomasz Kroker crashed into their car while scrolling through music on his mobile phone. Their car was shunted underneath the back of a heavy goods vehicle and crushed to a third of its size.

A man was seriously injured and four other people hurt in the crash.

Just an hour earlier he had signed a declaration to his employer, promising he would not use his phone at the wheel.

The judge said Tomasz Kroker "might as well have had his eyes closed".

Aimee's mother Kate Goldsmith said the prison term "does not to justice to the crime committed".

"He was so distracted, he made no attempt to slow down. The sentence of 10 years in prison will not ease our pain and suffering," she said.

"Nor do we believe it will send a strong enough message to those who lack the self-restraint to not use their mobile phones whilst driving.

Chief Inspector Henry Parsons from Thames Valley Police said: "The only good thing that will come out of this is that it will help change public attitudes to using mobile phones while driving."