UCD class to resit exam after original paper "compromised"

It is believed some 230 students received an 'A' grade

UCD class to resit exam after original paper "compromised"

Image: Facebook/University College Dublin

An entire class of medical students at University College Dublin (UCD) have to resit an examination after it was found to be "compromised."

The student newspaper The University Observer reports that students of the Cell-Cell Communication course did not receive their grades for the module last semester.

Instead, they were told that they would have to resit the exam.

The examination was described as being "compromised" after images of a very similar paper were circulated to a number of students before the exam.

Students were told in an email on January 22nd that the exam they had sat was "rendered invalid".

The email also said they would have to sit a new exam this semester.

It was claimed the initial exam had "a suspiciously high number" of students receive As and Bs.

The paper says around 230 students, out of the 300 taking the module, received an 'A' grade.

The exam was worth 100% and was in the format of a 50 question multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ).